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Well i dont know where to ask this question, but you guys know, and i know that you know.... :wc1: what the heck is the MITTIMUS? what is that number right next to it on my honeys' IDOC page? i know it means something...i spent 4 hours last night/this morning trying to research it, but all that Google told me is that it's got something to do with the sentiencing, or something, oh i don't know my head is hurting again even thinking about it... :wc26: so guys i know you know, well, i hope you know, please let me know....thank you.... :wc13:

Of course we know.... :wc35:   The mittimus is the official sentencing paper the judge signs.  It includes the convictions, length of the sentence, type of good time awarded, number of days credit for county time, etc.  This travels with the inmate to the IDOC to be recorded in their file.  I'm not sure what you're talking about 'the number' next to it on the IDOC page....I'll have to go look to refresh my memory....

Okay, I see what you're asking about.....the number next to the term mittimus is his case # from the county he was convicted in....it starts with a year...as 06 followed by the letters CR..criminal, or CF, criminal-felony, or CM, criminal-misdemeanor or TR, traffic...followed by the case number assigned to that charge.  So something like 06CR1234 is the year, type of charge and the assigned case number.  Confused still?

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thanx dazzler, i really appreciate that, thanx.....i'm not confused anymore, and i knew that somebody here on IPT would know...

From the 'Lectric Law Library:

MITTIMUS - A precept in writing, under the hand and seal of a justice of the peace, or other competent officer, directed to the jailer or keeper of a prison, commanding him to receive and safely keep, a person charged with an offence therein named until he shall be delivered by due course of law.


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