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Here's the link:

Here is the full text of the Interstate Compact Agreement All States:


This agreement allows other states to manage parolees from other states.  Here's the information:


Here you will find some information for the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

The revised Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision became effective in January of 2000. If an adult offender wishes to serve his parole or probation in a state other than the state in which they were convicted, this would be done by the Interstate Compact.

All states with the exception of Massachusetts and Mississippi have passed legislation enabling the new compact.


The following conditions must be met by all offenders to be considered for transfer under the Compact:

1. Must be in substantial compliance with the terms of supervision in the sending state; and
2. Must be a resident of the receiving state; or
3. have resident family in the receiving state who have indicated a willingness and ability to assist as specified in the plan of supervision; and
4. Must be able to obtain employment in the receiving state, or have a visible means of support.

The following offenders are eligible for transfer under the compact:

Offenders Subject to Deferred Sentences are eligible for transfer of supervision under the same eligibility requirements, terms and conditions applicable to all other offenders under the compact.

Individuals Currently on Supervision – any offender who has three months or more, or an indefinite period of supervision remaining, shall be eligible for transfer of supervision pursuant to the same conditions as outlined above.

Individuals Currently Incarcerated – the sending state will submit a completed request for transfer to a receiving state no earlier than 120 days prior to the offender’s planned release date.

Misdemeanor offenders, who are subject to one year or more of supervision; subject to a sentence of greater than six months of incarceration upon revocation of probation or other community supervision; and have not been convicted of or placed under supervision for a minor offense. A “minor offense” does not include an offense in which a victim has incurred direct or threatened physical or psychological harm; a second or subsequent misdemeanor offense of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs; and a sexual offense, meaning an offense which requires that a person register as a sex offender in the sending state.

The following offenders are not eligible for transfer under the compact:

A person who is released from incarceration under furlough, work-release, or other pre-parole program is not eligible for transfer under the Compact.

My son was recently moved to Pittsfield work camp, parent institution is Jacksonville now. He is awaiting a bed at Carbondale Il, House of Glass transitional facility which he has already been approved for.

My question is this: He has had a letter of support sent on his behalf to initiate an Interstate Compact agreement to parole to a family member's residence in the state of Missouri. He has a great job waiting for him. I have talked to the counselor at Jacksonville that has walked me thru the process. They will not submit it until he is at the 4 months to go mark...  however; I was just reading your link of criteria.  Is he NOT eligible since he is in a work camp and going to a transitional faciltiy????  None of the counselors have mentioned this in the qualifying criteria. They just said it needed to be a family residence, a letter of support was needed and secured employment. Now I'm really worried. This was such a blessing for him to get this opportunity.

Thank you for your help.

i was trying to find information for arizona and cant find anything just fee's how do he go about applying and other information if anyone knows..... or if anyone has a link thank u

I would also be interested in information about interstate compact agreement as my son is interested in moving to AZ too. Can parole begin in one state and be switched to AZ after a few months? We have family there. Thank you.


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